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War Horns – Concerto For Ten French Horns


‘War Horns’ is a concerto composed for ten French horns. The instrument was chosen purposefully – its symbolism centers around courage, majesty, heroism and melancholy. For thousands of years French horns were used for communication during battles and hunts. And war is always a hunt – for humans.

Contrary to this image, this time the sound of French horns carries the message of peace – through the remembrance of war and the tribute paid to its civilian victims, to whom the ‘War Horns’ concerto is dedicated.

This music piece is a reflection on the subject of war, that is a repetitive process of human history. It brings forth the suffering of the civilians and condemns all acts of war.

Motto of the project

Hope for the future, without forgetting the past

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Phoenix Cities

The ‘War Horns’ concerto became the foundation of Pawel Pudlo’s multidisciplinary project called ‘Phoenix Cities’, that combines history and music. Through this two complimentary narrations – language of art and language of facts – Phoenix Cities Project tells the stories of the most destroyed cities of World War II, that since has risen from the ashes. The Project’s premise combines historical lectures and the music concert, which allows Phoenix Cities to attract broad and diverse audience.

Phoenix Cities Project is dedicated to the following cities: Warsaw, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Coventry, Manila, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Stalingrad (Volgograd) and Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg).

The premiere of this unique project – dedicated to Warsaw – took place on 11 October 2017 at the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw, Poland.

Concert – Gdańsk, Poland 2015
Polish Baltic Philharmonic

War Horns Gdansk

‘War Horns’ World premiere took place on 23 August 2015 in Gdansk in the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, during the Solidarity of Arts Festival – only few kilometers away from Westerplatte, a place of particular symbolism to Poland and the entire world. During the world premiere the piece was played by the musicians from Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain.

On the day of the ‘War Horns’ world premiere in Gdansk, in the foyer of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, there was an exhibition of the sculpture installation created by the sculptor, Paweł Stępień. The sculpture installation is an integral part of the War Horns project.

  • Music performed by: STEFAN DE LEVAL JEZIERSKI (Berliner Philharmoniker), LUCA BENNUCI (Florence Opera), DAVID BONET PIRIS (Orchestra Sinfonica De Barcelona), GRZEGORZ CURYŁA (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra), FELIKS GMITRUK (Warsaw Philharmonic), ŁUKASZ ŁACNY (National Forum of Music in Wroclaw), ALEXANDER AFANASIEV (Saint Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre), MICHAŁ SZCZERBA (Polish Baltic Philharmonic), GABRIEL CZOPKA (Warsaw Philharmonic), JAN GOLĘBIOWSKI (Dortmunder Philharoniker).

Concert – Katowice, Poland 2017
National Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Radio

War Horns NOSPR

The ‘War Horns’ concerto was also performed in Katowice (20 May 2017) by the horn players from the National Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Radio (NOSPR). The concert was a part of the Night of Museums program at NOSPR and gathered an audience of over 1800 – filling to the brim the main concert hall. Music was accompanied by the lights choreography that served to underscore the message of the piece. The performance was met with standing ovation from the audience.


    Conducted by ALEXANDER HUMALA.

Concert – Warsaw, Poland 2017
Warsaw Uprising Museum

War Horns Warsaw

Another ‘War Horns’ concert took place on 11 October 2017 in the Warsaw Uprising Museum on the scene set against the unique backdrop of a Liberator plane. It was, at the same time, a world premiere of Pawel Pudlo’s multidisciplinary project ‘Phoenix Cities’, that combines history and music.

In accordance with the project’s premise, the event consisted of a history lecture given by Mr. Jerzy S. Majewski about pre- and post-war Warsaw and its citizens and the concert of the ‘War Horns’ piece.

Music performed by: GABRIEL CZOPKA (Warsaw Philharmonic), GRZEGORZ MONDRY (Sudecka Philharmonic), TOMASZ BIŃKOWSKI (Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw), MAGDALENA WĄS (Sinfonia Varsovia), PIOTR KOWALSKI (Poznan Philharmonic), MACIEJ KOSTRZEWA (Warsaw Philharmonic), ANNA MONDRY (Sudecka Philharmonic), KRZYSZTOF STENCEL (Sinfonia Varsovia), GRZEGORZ SABEŁ (Warsaw Philharmonic), MICHAŁ SZCZERBA (Polish Baltic Philharmonic).


Concert hosted by KINGA WOJCIECHOWSKA.

Polish partners of the project: The Warsaw City, Mazovia – The Heart of Poland, Stołeczna Estrada, Warsaw Uprising Museum, History Meeting House, Museum of Warsaw, Mazovia Institute of Culture, Society of Authors, ZAiKS, Pracownia Kreativa, ZM Concept Company , The Polish Radio Broadcast Station, Polish National Television – Culture, Presto Music Magazine.

Music Album

War Horns Recording Session

WAR HORNS album received the distinction for the 'ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2018' (classical music) awarded by the prestigeous magazine 'HI-FI i Muzyka'.

The recording session took place in the Witold Lutoslawski’s Concert Studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw between 8th and 10th of August, 2017. Music recorded by DUX Company and mixed by ARTUR WILNIEWCZYC and PAWEL PUDLO.

Musicians that took part in the recording: STEFAN DE LEVAL JEZIERSKI (Berliner Philharmoniker), GRZEGORZ MONDRY (Sudecka Philharmonic), MATEUSZ FELIŃSKI (National Forum of Music in Wroclaw), CZESŁAW CZOPKA (National Forum of Music in Wroclaw), ŁUKASZ ŁACNY (National Forum of Music in Wroclaw), ROBERT WASIK (National Forum of Music in Wroclaw), ANNA MONDRY (Sudecka Philharmonic), GABRIEL CZOPKA (Warsaw Philharmonic), IGOR SZELIGOWSKI (Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw), MICHAŁ SZCZERBA (Polish Baltic Philharmonic).

Conducted by PAWEL PUDLO.

War Horns Album

Music album includes CD and DVD. CD – 18 minutes – ‘War Horns’ piece. DVD – 30 minutes – Making-of movie about the creation of the project, the production of the ‘War Horns’ concert in the Polish Baltic Philharmonic in 2015, the recording sessions and making the sculpture installation. Also includes ‘War Horns’ trailer.
Packaging – 2 disc digipack with 15-pages booklet in English

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Fragments of Videos from the Album