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Violemi – The Slave Of Delusion

Pawel Pudlo was the composer, director, producer and the supervisor of the whole enterprise. Violemi is a fantasy cinematic opera written in a legend-like style, it stands out due to its fresh form – it combines elements of symphonic music, opera, musical and fantasy world. It was created over the period of three years with the participation of 90 people (musicians, graphic designers, technical crew, translators). Violemi – The Slave Of Delusion is the biggest independent music production in Poland. Visit Violemi website.

Posters of the project. The music album was released in two versions (standard and exclusive edition).

Violemi posters and albums

Visualizations of the story. The Corren's journey to Stonariath – the capital of the Kingdom.

Violemi visualizations

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Arstonaroth. Violemi and her brother Corren are the youngest generation of the Kin of Ottarch.

Map of Arstonaroth

Concept arts of characters and places.


Many musicians and vocalists were involved in the recording sessions. Music was recorded and mixed by Artur Wilniewczyc.