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Pawel Pudlo

Pawel Pudlo

Music Composer, Producer and Creative Director.

He creates his own artistic projects and composes music for exclusive commissions. His music was broadcast all over the world. Films and commercials with his music had been played in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, France and Spain. Pudlo composes orchestral pieces but classical instruments are not limits for him. He combines symphonic music with other genres: electronic, ethnic, pop and rock. He is a music producer of all his works.

Pawel Pudlo composed orchestral-choral piece for 14th European Football Championship EURO 2012. It was played during pre-match ceremonies in Poland and Ukraine. The music was listened on stadiums by over 1,500,000 people from all over the world. The 2012 championship was one of the biggest events in the world. Pudlo received a medal of merit. More information…

The world premiere of War Horns, Concerto for ten French horns, took place at Solidarity of Arts Festival 2015 in Gdansk. During the world premiere the piece was played by the musicians from Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain. More information…

In 2011, he composed music for the opening ceremony of ITB Berlin 2011 Trade Show. The piece was a base of a unique dance show in 3D technology directed by Tomasz Baginski (Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner). The opening ceremony was watched live by 5,000 VIP representatives from all over the world. ITB Berlin Trade Show is the World´s leading travel trade show. More information…

Pawel Pudlo was the composer, creative director, producer and the supervisor of Violemi – The Slave Of Delusion (fantasy cinematic opera). It is the biggest independent music production in Poland. More information…

He is the laureate of the prestigious Transtatlantyk Young Composer Award. In the Jury of the film music competition were composers and directors from Hollywood (a composer Mark Isham presided the Jury). Pawel Pudlo was selected from over 100 applicants from all around the world. More information…

A Few Questions About Hearing Of The World is the first full length documentary movie in Poland presenting young orchestral composers. The film tells a story of four composers including Pudlo. More information…

Since 2013 Pudlo has been represented internationally by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the largest music publishing company in the world.

Currently, Pudlo is working on his next interdisciplinary project.


Music reviews

    "If you've ever wondered what sounds a horn can produce except those you know, then you should listen to the 'War Horns', a concert for 10 horns by Poland's Pawel Pudlo. This is an absolutely brilliant piece. [...] a symphonic poem that describes the war, the resulting chaos, and the painful consequences. It's an anti-war piece, says Pudlo. It premiered in Gdansk, a symbolic city in the Second World War, but also the birthplace of 'Solidarnosc' freedom movement. The performance by 10 Polish horn players is phenomenal."
    Remy Franck's Journal - PIZZICATO Classics In Luxembourg

    "The playing is excellent; powerful, dynamic and full of character. [...] I have to stress how much I enjoyed the actual playing and indeed – given Pudlo's cinematic background – he achieves some striking and dramatic musical effects. [...] some rather unrelentingly sombre writing - lots of musical gloom and doom."

    "The 'War Horns' piece sounds very interesting. The tone of ten French horns and interesting, raw harmonic and rhytm structure are the main value of the music album".
    Bronislaw Tumilowicz - TYGODNIK PRZEGLĄD

    Artistic Work

    The catalogue of Pudlo's works is divided into three sections Special Projects, Film Music and Commercials (TV, Internet and corporate video).

    Uefa, Poland, Volvo, XTB, Legg Mason, Heyah, TVP, Platige Image

    Special Projects

    • WAR HORNS – Concerto for Ten French Horns
      The World Premiere 23 August 2015, Gdańsk
    • EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 (pre-match ceremonies)
      Euro 2012 – Polska Sp. z o.o.
    • ITB BERLIN 2011 TRADE SHOW (the opening ceremony)
      dir. Tomasz Bagiński. Platige Image 2011
    • VIOLEMI – THE SLAVE OF DELUSION (fantasy cinematic opera)
      dir. Pawel Pudlo, 2010
    • FULL MOON (concert piece for percussion ensemble)
      Czech Republic Aries Ensemble, 2010
    • AFGHAN BORDER (music project)
      Pawel Pudlo, 2012
    • SYMPHONY No.1 (concert piece for orchestra and choir)
      Pawel Pudlo, 2007
    • CANTATA SINE CANTU (festival Suite)
      KAN Amateur and Independent Film Festival, 2006
    • RISE OF THE CHALLENGER (music video)
      dir. Wojciech Pudło, 2006


    • HACHIKO Recomposed
      (film music award at Transatlantyk Festival 2012)
    • GREAT ESCAPE Recomposed
      (film music award at Transatlatyk Festival 2012)
    • CELLIST (short feature film)
      dir. Marek Cichy. ExNihil Studio, 2010
    • DOGGY BONE (TV series pilot)
      Polish National Television, 2008
    • GO (documentary)
      dir. Marek Cichy. Fundacja Dzieło Nowego Tysiaclecia, 2007
    • SPACES (documentary)
      dir. Ewa Martynkien. ExNihil Studio, 2007
    • LENI (short feature film)
      dir. Bartosz Paduch, 2006
    • DECISION (short feature film)
      dir. Heavyvisions, 2005.


    • VOLVO – S60 Silver Edition (Internet commercial) 2008
    • VOLVO – S60 Black Edition (Internet commercial) 2008
    • LEGG MASON – Tennis (TV commercial) 2011
    • LEGG MASON – Wood Beam (TV commercial) 2011
    • LEGG MASON – Paradise (TV commercial) 2011
    • LEGG MASON – Epic Orchestra Arangements (TV commercial) 2008
    • LEGG MASON – String Quartet Arangements (TV commercial) 2008
    • LEGG MASON – Watchmaker (TV commercial) 2007
    • LEGG MASON – Jeweler (TV commercial) 2007
    • X-TRADE BROKERS – Classical (TV commercial) 2008
    • X-TRADE BROKERS – Pop (TV commercial) 2008
    • X-TRADE BROKERS – Techno (TV commercial) 2008
    • X-TRADE BROKERS (12 x TV commercials) 2008-2010
      (broadcast in Poland, Germany and Spain)
    • X-TRADE BROKERS (12 x Internet commercials) 2008-2010
    • X-TRADE BROKERS – Porsche (TV commercial) 2008
    • X-TRADE BROKERS (TV commercial) 2007
    • WENDY (book cinematic commercial) 2011
    • JIGGA (internet commercial) 2008
    • WADER-WOZNIAK (TV commercial) 2008
    • HEYAH – Leposy 2 (Internet commercial) 2007
    • HEYAH – Leposy 1 (Internet commercial) 2007
    • BRAUN SOLAR PRODUCTION (corporate video) 2011
      dir. Wojciech Pudlo
    • UP WROCLAW (corporate video) 2010
      dir. Magdalena Imielinska
    • K2 INTERNET (corporate video) 2009
      dir. Marek Cichy
    • INSTAL PROJEKT (corporate video) 2006
      dir. Heavyvisions